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Talking Family-Centered Practice With United Way’s Henrietta Muñoz

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Henrietta Muñoz (holding child) and staff from Dual Generation Partnership

Henrietta Muñoz, senior vice president of research and evaluation at United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County, shares her thoughts on adopting a family-centered practice. In this post, she discusses the values driving this work, training recommendations and how family-centered approaches intersect with evidence-based service models.

Posted March 22, 2018

Young Adults, College Paths and Race: What the Data Say

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Racial and ethnic disparities exist along the pathway to a college degree.

The rate of young adults attending or completing college — 49% in 2016 — is on the rise. Despite this statistic trending in the right direction, deep racial and ethnic disparities persist along the pathway to a college degree.

Posted March 13, 2018

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What We Know

Big Ideas for Job Creation

How best to address the nation's unemployment rate? Thirteen of the country's most innovative thinkers offer big ideas worthy of consideration and potential investment.

Improving Access to Public Benefits

Not all families are able to gain access to the benefits for which they are eligible. What can funders, communities and the government do to connect low-income families to these supports.